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Processplatform for advertisements

Short lead times

Guaranteed quality assurance

In 2016, (part of retail giant Ahold Delhaize) was the first Dutch online shop to achieve sales of over one billion euros. The online shop welcomes over 30 million visitors per month.

The request started offering advertising opportunities on the platform in 2016, and created the Retail Media Group for this purpose.  This division offers more than 30 forms of advertising, often highly personalized. Managing the process from request, execution, reporting to invoicing is complex due to the multitude of specialists and systems involved.

Ritense was asked to achieve three goals with the help of Valtimo:

  • Error-free and controlled execution of campaigns: the controlled processing of an application from start to finish, thereby contributing to SOX compliance.
  • Make it scalable: ensuring that sales can grow without having the number of staff grow along with it.
  • Provide insight: automated insight into the course of campaigns so that learning and improvement can take place.

The solution

Ritense implemented a first version of Valtimo within eight weeks. The process platform took care of the digital management of the operational process, from order to invoice.

The result

The platform provides automated task distribution within the organization. It enables to ensure that requests are handled within the set timelines, and no information is lost in communication between those involved. This has reduced the number of errors and shortened turnaround times.

Customer benefits

  • A correct administration, from request to invoice.
  • The status of orders is secured in Valtimo instead of in the mailboxes of individual employees.
  • Automatic registration of performed tasks: quality assurance.
  • Short lead times.
  • To measure is to know: lead times per task, process and employee are transparent.
  • The Retail Media Group are doing their bit for SOX compliance.

The platform provides automated task distribution within the organization