Ritense is the leading open source process specialist in the Netherlands. We harness our extensive experience in case management and process automation to help your organisation work smarter and more efficiently.

Process analysis

During the Discovery phase, we analyse everything that’s required to automate your process. We determine the goals, define the processes in BPMN 2.0, identify system connections and specify non-functional requirements. Our Business Analysts utilise the BABOK framework to conduct their analysis.

The costs, risks and benefits give you a grip on the next step: implementing the processes.

Process implementation

We take care of the process automation, leaving you free to focus on your core business. We have extensive expertise in the implementation of diverse business-critical processes in a variety of sectors, including banking, government, business services and manufacturing. We assign a dedicated team that harnesses the results from the Discovery phase to convert your processes into a working system. This multidisciplinary team also has a DevOps (Azure, AWS & Kubernetes), development, test and BA capability at its disposal.

Valtimo SaaS & Subscription

Valtimo is our in-house software platform for low-code process automation. It digitises business processes and makes them transparent. Valtimo is available as a cloud service (SaaS), subscription and can be downloaded as open source software from Github.

Ritense also supports organisations with their day-to-day management. Our subscriptions provide 24*7 mission critical support. This includes guaranteed instant access to patches, legal liability, direct telephone access to engineers and input into the product portfolio.

Our Software as a Service offering provides hosting and management for your complete peace of mind.

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Valtimo GZAC edition

Valtimo also comes as a Generic Case Management Component (NL: GZAC) for local councils and public authorities. GZAC operates in a component-based application architecture, as devised for the Common Ground concept. It manages processes but leaves all other tasks to other components.

GZAC is a process-driven case management solution for case-oriented work. It archives all the information necessary for customer requests in a case file. All tasks and actions required for a ‘case’ are processed and managed by the associated processes.

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