Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is about improving business processes to ensure your customer or end user receives the right product or service at the right time, with a minimal amount of effort. But how can your organisation achieve this?

Valtimo Business Process Automation helps organisations work smarter by capturing employee tasks and decisions in a streamlined automated process. Optimally digitising manual tasks prevents them from disappearing into employee mailboxes. Whether you’re a bank, local authority or manufacturer; Valtimo transforms your ‘factory’ into a well-oiled machine that can deliver quickly, error-free and cost-effectively.


  • Fewer errors resulting in lower recovery costs.
  • Enhanced customer experience for improved revenue.
  • Demonstrable compliance to requisite legislation and regulations. The system’s uniform operation and action logging capability facilitate the production of reports.
  • Knowledge is power: BPA supports organisations in applying the Lean concept.
  • Immediate and demonstrable savings on personnel costs.
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