Low-Code, configure when possible and code when needed

The steep learning curve and high costs that large BPMN platforms entail are often challenging. It is no coincidence that process automation has become particularly big in the banking and insurance world. Many BPMN platforms are “full-code”. In other words, knowledge of Java and DevOps are required to achieve results.

Low-code is the alternative to expensive and complex business process management software implementations. It allows processes to go live in weeks rather than months without writing code Processes are created and modified without dependence on (expensive and hard to find) software developers.

What can configuration do? When do you need code? What expertise do you need to implement a business process?

This white paper discusses the following:

  • What options do you have without code?
  • Why and where do you want code?
  • Low-Code: configuration when possible and code when needed

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