Business Process Management

Budget control in the construction sector 

The request

McDonald’s is a restaurant chain with over 200 locations in the Netherlands. Each year, several dozens of branches are constructed or rebuilt to continuously address the needs of customers in the best possible manner. Controlling the costs of these projects is a challenge. Dozens of quotations are requested for each project, more or less work is performed and hundreds of invoices are processed. McDonald’s asked us to automate this process.

Measuring is knowing

The delivered platform gives McDonald's optimal control over the construction budget. It gives real-time insight into the expenditure within a project, expected invoices, projections and more or less work. The comprehensive reports enable McDonald's to timely identify budget variances and address these.

The platform analyses the long-term performance of suppliers. This makes it possible to detect low-subscribing suppliers and to offset this with projects with a high percentage of additional work, which makes the long-term cooperation more expensive than initially specified in the tender. Thanks to these analyses, the ROI for this platform is estimated at less than one year.

Online everywhere

Construction coordinators are often on the move. The system is therefore designed for tablets to ensure coordinators have access to up to date information during, for example, project meetings.

The platform requires executives to authorise expenditure for larger tenders which can be transmitted through iPhone and Blackberry.

Compliance with legislation

For a listed company, it is important to control financial flows. The new platform has “checks and balances”, such as authorisation by the management of spending above certain thresholds. Vendor invoices are accepted only if they have a contract number matching the authorised budget. "Unforeseen" expenditure overruns are impossible without permission.



  • Opensource OpenBD / Java
  • Microsoft Windows infrastructure


Facts & figures

  • 200+ restaurants
  • 300+ suppliers


Key features

  • Budget control
  • Request & Authorization budgets
  • via workflow
  • Generation confirmations
  • Processing invoices and checks against budgets
  • Contract variations management
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • For PC, tablet and phone
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